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Sustainable DIY products & tools made by Recycling & Up-cycling objects found in our surroundings, using simple craft methods.


In a state of deep sleep, sometimes, we have agile dreams, also making our bodies move or wake up with a jerk. The ephemeral nature of dreams are represented in the form of incomplete concentric circles, also signifying motion. With the light on, the figure of a woman sleeping is revealed, signifying the illusion of activity while our bodies are at complete rest.


We use one-time-use plastic water bottles on a daily basis, each piling up in the landfill. Upcycling is a great solution to reduce the amount of the accumulated waste.  Grace is a pendant lamp for a sustainable design project. Single-use plastic bottles are modified and embellished with cane sticks, jute rope and metallic paint.


Why throw old window roller blinds away when they make the perfect lamp shades for interior spaces. In this project, a cuboidal frame was made with cane sticks, and four panels from the blinds form the shade. Two panels are embroidered and two are embellished with woolen tassels, fixed on the frame using a glue gun. A simple pendant lamp is then made by connecting a lighting circuit and a bulb from Home Depot!

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