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Textile art pieces and paper prototypes using origami, curved pleating and wet folding techniques, that are modular and kinetic in nature.


With a brilliant striped woven fabric sourced from Material For The Arts at Long Island City, New York, Chevron is a sample of kinetic fabric origami. The warp as well as weft in the fabric are LDPE, and the horizontal gradient of colors, when folded vertically & diagonally, form an interesting zig-zag herringbone pattern. The piece can be compressed and expanded horizontally, and sculpted into different forms as illustrated.


A parametric origami structure with Diagonal mountain folds and Vertical valley folds folded and stitched using pin tucks to hold a sturdy structure that can be modified based on function and application. Poly-canvas material is used to make the web of lozenges, among one of the many fabric explorations of a similar structure.


Pleated fabric structure inspired from the Accordion instrument, starting with basic mountain and valley folds. A step like impression is given with a complete line of diagonal mountain folds, followed by a line of diagonal valley folds - on top and bottom. Multiple forms can be obtained by experimenting with the same base structure.