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Manipura is a garment designed for the New York Fashion Week 2021 in collaboration with the fashion design company - Three Asfour - for their SS22 collection Kundalini, which means a form of divine energy in Indian Hindu traditions. It is cultivated and awakened through yogic practices and is believed to lead to spiritual liberation. The collection has looks and garments for all seven chakras of the body, exploring their energies, colors, and geometries.

The Pleated Manipura represents the Solar Plexus chakra that is located just above the navel. It is associated with the natural element of fire and the sun, hence the color yellow, and directly linked to your sense of self. The symbol of Manipura is a downward facing triangle enclosed in a yellow circle that has ten petals.  The garment in itself is made from the variations of accordion and herringbone folds together in three different sizes. Ten folded pieces are used to assemble the garment, made from cotton fabric.

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