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Moksha emerges from the ideas of self love, love for community, the significance of Mandala art, Indian temple architecture and art. Mandalas are therapeutic in nature, and symbolize our connections with the world and ourselves. This project is an embodiment of finding simplicity and serenity amidst the complicated world that we live in. The human experience is the driving force behind every element of space - design of physical space to the qualities of interaction, expectation and intention.


The infinite repetition of the simplest dots; lines; shapes; forms; patterns; folds - bring out the intricacy and layering of the art-pieces, giving them more dimension than what the eye sees. 

There is a deliberate integration of oxymoron in my work, that is driven by order, conscientious planning, intricacy and symmetry - finally combined with layers; both intuitive and literal. 

Craftsmanship has been preserved in the form of artisan collaborations in India, showcasing the ancestral hand embroidery skills passed on through generations. Moksha is ultimately a culmination of self discovery, relationship with community, integrating the traditional and modern, and blurring the lines of contradiction.

Craft. Hand. Craftsmanship. Skill. Labor. Rumination. Practice. Organization. Effort. Work. Angles. Faith. Universe. Complex. Order. Energy. Chaos. Simple. Dot. Repeat. Symmetry. Truth. System. Belief. Judgement. Repeat. Beauty. Body. Mind. Serenity. Awareness. Subconscious. Song. Music. Lines. Repeat. Knowledge. Learning. Breathe. Aware. Shape. Structure. Form. Obsession. Compulsion. Fun. Work. Duty. Work. Love. Calm. Compassion. Soul. Work. Fun. Folds. Pleat. Layers. Order. Symbols. Motif. Repeat. Pattern. Symmetry. Geometry. Composition. Harmony. Melody. Confidence. Rules. Rules? Pattern. Breathe. Expectation. Demand. Faith. Repeat. Design. Repeat. Order. Skill. Repeat. Practice. Trust. Repeat. Symmetry. Repeat. Shape. Repeat. Line. Repeat. Dot. Repeat. Reiki. Symbols. Repeat. Austerity. Transcendence. Pleat. Repeat. Fold. Repeat. Prototype. Repeat. Originate. Innovate. Create. Repeat. Energy. Protection. Faith. Self. Repeat. Dream. Ask. Time. Believe. Trust. Repeat. Practice. Analyze. Think. Empathy. Compassion. Anger. Chores. Vent. Think. Thought. Meditate. Culminate. Create. Repeat.

Repeat. Breathe. Repeat.


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